The Swiss adventure ducksters live in Interlaken and they just love to explore, climb mountains & castle ruins, float in the water, hang out at waterfalls and soar through the sky. They are the most outdoor active bunch of Switzerland and they want to take you on an adventure. Duckster and his friends have created a mysterious outdoor treasure and scavenger hunt that will show you Interlaken’s best and hidden highlights if you can solve the riddles, find the treasures and complete all the tasks. Duckster, together with an adventure bag full of goodies, will accompany you on the way and be your sidekick in completing this fun and fabulous Interlaken treasure hunt.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Choose a Treasure Hunt in Interlaken

There are multiple treasure hunts to chose from. The water wonderland treasure hunt can be done as a shorter version lasting 2/3hours and covering a distance of 5km walking. There is also a longer 4/5 hour version where you will walk around 10km.
Then there is our Old Town & City Center treasure hunt which will take you around 2 hours. Click the links below to get to the treasure hunt of your choosing.

  • INTERLAKEN WATER WONDER LAND short version (2/3 hours, 5km)
  • INTERLAKEN WATER WONDER LAND long version (4/5 hours, 10km)

Interlaken Water Wonderland Treasure Hunt

Interlaken is surrounded by a lot of water. There are two huge lakes, a few rivers, some waterfalls and uncountable streams that make it a real water wonderland. Duckster loves splashing around in all of these water wonders and he wants to show you his favourite spots. Be aware, he isn’t making it easy for you as you will have to find the clues, solve the tasks and discover the hidden gems by following the trail of hints that he has left for you.

Treasure hunt: Things to know before you start

This treasure hunt involves exploring and walking approximately 10km in the Interlaken area on mainly flat terrain. The duration of the entire treasure hunt is approximately 5 hours. The starting point of the treasure hunt is at the Adventure Hostel Interlaken (Seestrasse 44, Unterseen) which is just a 7 minute walk from the Interlaken West train station.
Each participant receives a goodie bag full of surprises which are necessary to complete all the tasks and solve all the riddles. On top of that there are prices to win and treasures to obtain. In order to cover the costs for this we ask for a 15 CHF donation per person which can be paid by cash, credit card or Twint (payment instructions later)

To start the treasure hunt you will need a mobile phone where you download the ‘Actionbound App‘. Once downloaded you don’t need an active internet connection to complete the treasure hunt as the app can be used in offline mode.
Download the Actionbound app here:

To start this fantastic adventure follow the steps below:

  1. Download the free Actionbound app in the Google Play store or the Apple App store.
  2. Go to the Adventure Hostel & Fondue Villa Interlaken located on the Seestrasse 44, Unterseen (seven minutes by foot from the Interlaken West train station)
  3. When you are there find the paper below and scan the QR code to get directed to the start of the treasure hunt within the Actionbound app.