When you think about Switzerland surfing is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. But believe it or not, surfing in Switzerland is a thing and the city of Thun, just outside of Interlaken, is a great spot for it. Another original Interlaken activity you were probably not aware of…

Surfing Switzerland, catching waves in Thun

Thun, the city whose name literally translates to ‘Tuna’ is a town just 20 minutes outside of Interlaken located on Switzerland’s biggest river the Aare. The river that runs straight to the city is a pleasure and entertainment provider in summer when people jump in the water and let the strong current float them through the center of town.

To manage the waterflow there are a few historical weirs right in the center. Their wooden construction is absolutely stunning and you can walk over them to enjoy a view of the city from the water of the river Aare. More eye-catching however are the impressive waves, caused by the waterflow adjustment of those weirs, and the surfers that enjoy them.

Walking through the city and maybe enjoying a drink or some food on the town’s square full of terraces the Mühleplatz you can’t miss the surfers. Its the ‘Untere Schleuse Brücke’ that has the best waves and basically every day in the late afternoon you will find surfers here catching some after work waves.

Its an impressive sight and surfing in Thun on the river Aare is a great afternoon adventure which makes you realise surfing in Switzerland is really a thing!

To get to the surf spot at the ‘Untere Schleuse Brücke’ from Interlaken you can take bus 21 (about 50 minutes, bus stop Thun Bälliz, basically next to the surf spot) or a train (20min + walk 10min).

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