Interlaken’s setting between two emerald blue lakes flanked by stunning mountains make for a one of a kind sunset setting. There really is very little that can beat an Alpine sunset with a stunning sunset mountain silhouette view wile having a barbecue and grill & chill at the lake. Especially at our local insider spot the best views are guaranteed….and the proof is in the pictures, just check them out below. Welcome to the Interlaken sunset grill & chill at the lake!

Interlaken Lakeside Sunset Grill & Chill

The adventure Interlaken sunset grill & chill at the lake takes place in a locla spot with the best views and longest sunsets in the Swiss alps. We provide you with all the food, drinks and tunes and while you are grilling & chilling the sun slowly sets below the Niesen mountain aka the Swiss pyramid. This fantastic mountain backdrop makes for a fantastic end to a glorious summer adventurous day. We will teach you how to grill a sausage the Swiss way (and make it look like an octopus) while sipping a cold beer or glass of wine in great company. Along the way the views get better and the vibes increase. How about some campfire S’mores to top off the ever improving views over the lake of Thun to fill your sweet tooth. You might even want to take a refreshing and revitalizing dip in this pristine Swiss glacial lake while you are there anyway. The water is so clear that it will be inviting enough for you to give it a try.

Reserve your Sunset Grill & Chill at the Lake

From May 2023 we will be running regular lakeside sunset grill & chill sessions again. Stay tuned or get in touch with us through to make this happen before that time. We will happily provide you with all the tools, tips, tricks, food and drinks to create a truly unforgettable Swiss Alpine sunset experience in Interlaken.