Adventure Interlaken will make your Interlaken outdoor adventure memorable beyond your wildest expectations. We will show you the best and most original Interlaken outdoor adventures, the best picnic spots, the wildest thrilling activities, the most scenic insta picture spots, the most famous movie, series and filmed spots plus we will direct you to fun & delicious restaurants and original eateries. Let us, and the adventure ducks, show you the way!

I came to Interlaken for a chill ride up to the Jungfraujoch top of Europe but once I found I ended up going paragliding with Alpinair, had a cheese & ice cream fondue at the Fondue Villa and went on an Adventure Treasure Hunt that sent me to some amazing places I couldn’t even find online

The adventure duck hunt winner 2021, James Jordan

Wow, these adventures are going way beyond the standard Interlaken activities. Adventure fondue, an amazing duckie treasure hunt and the fondue & raclette backpack made my stay in Interlaken way better than I could have ever anticipated

Lucia Estrella
Adventure fondue backpack beach Interlaken