Highly original, fun and competitive are our adventure Interlaken rubber duck racing events (Badeenten Rennen). We provide you with a choice of rubber ducks and on one of Interlaken’s many rivers we create a rubber duck racing course of hilarious proportions. Great for groups looking for a brilliant activity that guarantees Quacking quality fun.

Rubber Duck Racing Interlaken

The adventure ducksters are Interlaken’s most notorious river racers and they can often be spotted racing each other on the Aare, Lombach or Lütschine rivers. Their colourful appearance immediatley makes for an eye-catching spectacle. You too can race them with a group of family or friends. Sign-up and we will provide you all with a rubber duck of your choice. Pick a colourful quacking friend and we will have some practise runs before the official rubber duck derby commences.

Fondue, Grill & Chill before the Rubber Duck Race

While having a river side fondue or grill party you play a few more rubber duck games, find out what the best way to let your duckies swim fast is and just engage in some general rubber ducking bonding time with your new duckie friend.

Pose together with your rubber duck for the team photo and show off the skills of your feathered friend

When all ducks are warmed-up, the bellies have been filled with food & drinks it is time to walk up to the official starting line. A big bang will mark the official start of the greatest race you have ever engaged in.

After the countdown all ducks jump in the water simultaneously to race each other to the designated finish line. Run along the ducks to cheer them on and make sure your rubber bath duck races as fast as quackingly possible.

The winner gets a surprise prize and eternal glory.

Reserve a rubber duck racing event

To get your own rubbber duck racing event including a grill or fondue feast beforehand get in touch with us via info@adventureinterlaken.info and we will make this unique Interlaken activity happen for you.