Playing ping pong is great. Playing ping pong with four people is even greater. And our quad pong table tennis table lets you do just that! This pop up ping pong table is just one in the line of our adventure ping pong activities and tables.

Adventure Ping Pong Interlaken pop up table tennis (16)

Quad pong, four player ping pong table

Our square quad pong table uses two nets in a smartly designed looping system to create a table divided in four squares. With each player occupying a square many different game plays are possible. Play every hit to the right or left, play diagonally with two balls, randomly direct the ball to any square you want or play two parallel games next to each other…..these are just a few of the many possibilities this highly social ping pong table offers.

Adventure ping pong, the fun way to play table tennis

Ping pong does not always need to be played on a table of 270x152cm. No we think there are many more table shapes that are original and fun while taking the game to a whole new fun factor level. Next to our quad pong table we have a slender skinny table and our mini table. Come have a look at the adventure hostel Interlaken and play some rounds of adventure pong while having a drink in our adventure garden. Also available for your group events and outings.

Game on!

Adventure Ping Pong Interlaken pop up table tennis (11)

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