Our adventure golf routes come in many shapes and forms with the urban city golf course through Interlaken being an all-time favourite. Explore the city and its surroundings while playing a range of urban city golf holes in and around Interlaken. This approximately 6km walk’n’golf course is fun to play with friends, family or big groups. Write down your scores and see who become the ultimate adventure Interlaken urban city golf explorer.

Adventure urban city golf….what is that?!

Adventure golf is the umbrella term for all novel variations of the great game of golf. Any golf version that is not traditional & classical golf we call adventure golf. Urban golf, extreme or X-golf, cross golf, street & city golf, odd golf, off golf or crazy golf are just a few of the funky names that people call a great game in an urban city setting or rural farmer city where buildings, constructions, structures and natural objects become the holes. By using soft foam balls with a weight of only 14grams damage can not be done and fun is guaranteed. The artificial grass mats provided make that any stroke can be done conveniently without doing affecting the gound, grass and asphalt that is played on.

With this mindset any location can become a golf course and a tee-off can be initiated anywhere.

Urban city golf Interlaken

Urban golf is a quickly growing phenomenon that is one of the newer Interlaken outdoor adventures. Accessible to all with no age restrictions or limits this walk-and-golf route is a fun and adventurous way to explore the area. Start at the Adventure Hostel Interlaken (Seestrasse 44) to pick up some golf clubs and our special soft foam balls to play a 10-hole course around town. An interactive route map will show you the way and make you see the town of Interlaken with a surprising golf twist.
Additionally you get a tee-off mat made of artificial grass which you place underneath the golf ball at each strike to protect the ground, grass and asphalt you will be playing on.

Golf Equipment Pick-Up & City golf route map

In order to reserve your Interlaken urban city golf equipment and route map send us an email at info@adventureinterlaken.info at least one day before and come pick up everything at the Adventure Hostel Interlaken in the morning (7:30-11:00am) or in the late afternoon (5:00-7:00pm). Other pick-up times available on request. A donation of 15chf per person is requested to support the availability and maintenance of the golf clubs and golf balls.

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