Join the annual Interlaken New Year’s Swim for a refreshing start of the New Year together with your favourite Rubber Duck. Every year on the 1st of January at 12pm Noon we meet for a refreshing dip in the Lake of Thun at the shores of Interlaken. Joined by hundreds of people and rubber ducks this invigorating tradition is a great way to start the new year, get rid of your hang over or just have fun and re-celebrate the start of the New Year.

Dip Duck Dive Interlaken New Year's Swim cold water winter swimming Lake Thun (2)

Dip, Duck & Dive: New Year’s Swim Interlaken

The Interlaken New Year’s Swim is one you do with your favourite Rubber Duck. Its a Dip & Dive together with a Rubber duck…the more the merrier so these colourful bathtub companions are happily invited.

Cold water swimming follows three stages: you Dip, then you realise its absolutely freezing so you Duck and eventually you bite the bullet and you Dive in with full commitment. Its that triple stage of winter swimming – with an extra emphasizes on Duck and Rubber Ducks – that is the inspiration for the annual Interlaken New Year Swim. Dip, Duck & Dive with us and hundreds of other people to celebrate the start of the new year together with a colourfull lake of rubber ducks, Badeenten, Badeendjes and Quackers =)

Rubber Ducks & Beanies Desired

We invite everyone to bring their own favourite rubber duck to join them in the Interlaken cold water New Year’s Swim. Together you stand strong and you will be able to dodge the cold water with a dose of courage and the help of a rubber bath toy friend.

For style and warmth purposes we highly recommend to bring a beanie or hat as well which you can wear while cold water dipping in the lake of Thun.

Hot Soup, Champagne & Bonfires

For a communal group cheers and well wishing into the new year you should bring a bottle of bubbles (or any other beverage of your choosing). We will provide hot pea soup (donations accepted) and make a nice bonfire for you to heat up afterwards.

Touch the Mountains Festival afterwards

And it doesn’t just end there because the 1st of January has a fantastic free music festival called Touch the Mountains right in the centre of Interlaken annually. After dipping, ducking and diving we move over to this festival – attended by more than 30000 people every year – for a great extension of the New Year’s celebrations. For more details about the festival and its full line up check out the Touch the Mountains festival website:

Starting Time & Location

The annual Dip, Duck & Dive Interlaken New Year’s Swim takes place in the Neuhaus swimming area at the shores of the Lake of Thun. Exact location at the bottom of this page

For impressions from last year’s Interlaken Dip & Dive New Year’s Swim have a look here.