Imagine the sun slowly setting while you zip down from a Swiss mountain on a monster trotti scooter. The fat tyres and brakes give you the ultimate control and you feel the fresh alpine air in your face. In the back the sun is slowly setting over the lake of Thun and you roll into the red evening glow, thrilled, exhilarated and satisfied. This is the adventure Interlaken Monster Trotti Scooter Sunset Ride Interlaken.

Monster Trotti Scooter Sunset Ride Interlaken

Monster trotti scooters are extremely stable and easy to use due to their monstrous wide tyres and handlebar brakes. Take a mountain cable car high into the alpine meadows with a monster scooter before descending through the forest on a 45 minute scooter ride. The evening sunset glow makes the alpine views mesmerizing and mystical. Smoothly downhill the well-designed track and flow through the stunning scenery with beautiful views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and all other snow-capped mountains. While passing a thundering waterfall you feel the gentle spray of its water in your face….this is the monster scooter fairytale experience!

The track that in winter time is used for sledding and night sledding makes for the perfect trail monster scooter trail in summer and makes for a truly must-do activity while travelling to Interlaken.

The monster scooters can be ridden every evening in the summer and this fun activity makes for a perfect ending of a day of exploration in the Jungfrau area. Sign-up on our website or send us an email at

And why not end the day with a lakeside grill & chill afterwards….

Lakeside Sunset Grill & Chill

Enjoy the perfect sunset with fantastic mountain silhouettes and sunset reflections in the lake at our special lakeside sunset grill & chill spot. We provide you with a grill & chill package containing food, drinks, snacks and desert (plus some fun game ideas) plus a grill and all the utensils to give you an amazing picnic sunset grill experience. Read all about it in our dedicated lakeside sunset grill & chill section.

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