Isenfluh is a quaint Swiss village at 1081m of altitude just a stone’s throw from Interlaken (and above Lauterbrunnen) that is famous for its cow transporting gondola. The small, almost nostalgic cable car that runs between the quaint villages of Isenfluh and Sulwald has been in use since 1975 and offers space for eight people or a cow!

Isenfluh, the Swiss village where cows travel by gondola

Isenfluh is in a forgotten and quiet corner of the touristic Jungfrau region. Its tranquillity combined with stunning Swiss alpine views make it a great place to visit. The only way to visit it is by driving through a spectacular 1,200-metre (0.75 mi) spiral tunnel that does a full 360 degrees undergound. Its quite the drive and a great start of visiting this small Swiss village. When entering the town you will immediately see the old red gondola that has been in use since 1975 transporting people and lifestock between the villages of Isenfluh and Sulwald. Now more often used to transport hikers wanting to go to Sulegg or Bällehöchst, fun riders going for the trotti bikes, climbers that aim for the Elvis shaped Lobhorn, visitors of the picturesque Lobhorn mountain hut (Lobhorn Hütte) or sledders that go night sledding in winter. The cute red cable car is however still used to transport cows up the Alps in Spring time. When the snow melts and the cows can reach the lush grassy slopes of the local mountains they get transported from their winter stables in Isenfluh up to Sulwald from where they then walk to their summer Alps. We just wonder if there is a special discount or extra surcharge for a cow cable car ticket!?

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