Being squeezed between two emerald blue lakes and a magnificent range of snowcapped mountains Interlaken is a prime spot to watch a supreme sunset. Be it from the shore of a lake, the top of a mountain or just in a big open field Interlaken’s stunning sunset spots are going to be mesmerizing and give you a golden glimpse of the Swiss Alps like never before. P.S. if you are not currently in Interlaken or are doing the Swiss grand tour here is a list of the Switzerland’s most stunning sunset spots!

Harder Kulm – the high sunset view

The top of Interlaken is a stunning viewpoint towering high above Interlaken. From its 1300m peak you have a great 360 degree view on the lakes and snowcapped mountains all around and at sunset they all get a nice golden glow. Hike up or take the Harderbahn funiculaire and enjoy Interlaken’s golden hour with a drink and some food at the restaurant or simply relax on the viewing platform while gazing towards the sunset in the West. The only downside here is that it tends to get pretty crowded. If those big crowds put you off a little bit you could opt for a serene sunrise hike to the Harder Kulm in the early hours of dusk where you will have the view completely to yourself. The champagne picnic breakfast at the peak really is the cherry on top.

Neuhaus – the lakeside sunset silhouette

Neuhaus is an easily accessible lake side spot at the lake of Thun. It is both the name of the public swimming area, a restaurant and the bus stop (Bus 21, “direction Thun”) where everone loves to go during the day for a dip in the refreshing Alpine waters of lake Thun. It is not really a secret tip as it is where the locals go for a swim in summer and families take a sunday stroll with children and grandparents at the adjacent Weissenau nature reserve which is home to a wide range of flora & fauna while you stroll through a lush and green tunnel of plants.
What is a bit of a secret though is that Neuhaus makes for an excellent sunset spot. Here you can see the sun disappear in the endlessness of the lake’s waters with a backdrop of the Swiss pyramid (Niesen) and Stockhorn mountain silhouettes. Go to the nearby Grill peninsula for a Sunset Grill & Chill to make the sunset experience even better with a bbq in a golden glow sunshine.

Höhematte – the centre of town sunset

The Höhematte park is Interlaken’s distinguishable centre of town grass field right in the front of the grand Victoria Jungfrau Hotel. You can’t miss this field located midway between the Interlaken West and East train stations where all the paragliders land and people go for a lazy stroll to enjoy the mountain views. It is also a great place to watch the sun go down over the Jungfrau to the South and the Swiss pyramid towards the West. Have a seat at one of the park’s benches and watch the mountains gradually changing colour from shades of orange to pink while paragliders land right in front of you.

Kleine Rugen – the local hill perspective

The Kleine Rugen is the small hill located right next to the centre of town and it has a pavilion viewing point that makes for an excellent sunset viewing spot. Walk to the ‘Pavilion Kleine Rugen’ located on the side of the hill in about 20 minutes from the Interlaken West train station. Take a seat on one of the comfy benches, gaze towards the West and see the sun set over Interlaken and the lake at the same time. Bring a Fondue Backpack and have a outdoor sunset fondue at this gorgeous spot to make the experience even better.


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