Interlaken is a paradise for water lovers. Surrounded by two crystal clear lakes, Thun and Brienz, and blessed with a mild climate, Interlaken offers a variety of water activities and swimming spots for every taste and mood. Whether you want to relax on a sandy beach, enjoy a refreshing dip in a pool, or experience an adrenaline rush on a rafting tour, Interlaken has it all. Here are some of the best summer swimming spots in Interlaken that you should not miss.

Best summer swimming spots Interlaken

With three lakes & three rivers directly next to it Interlaken has plenty of great spots to go for a swim, float or dive. Read on to find out about Interlaken’s most favourite and best summer swimming spots, grab your swimming gear and go hit the crystal clear & refreshing alpine waters of the Bödeli area.

Neuhaus Grass Beach Area

If you prefer a more natural and tranquil setting, you can visit the Neuhaus grass beach area on Lake Thun. It is easily reached by bus number 21 which leaves from Interlaken Ost & West every half an hour. Neuhaus is a free-access zone that offers spacious lawns where you can relax and soak up the sun with idyllic views of the Niesen, the Swiss pyramid mountain. Shady trees make for an idyllic atmosphere and the shallow water make it perfect for an easy dip. With several access points to the water, you can quickly cool off in the deep blue waters of Lake Thun. There is a restaurant, a small beach bar, volley ball court and you can rent kayaks, SUP’s, pedalos or go kitesurfing, wake surfing and wakeboarding there too. The panoramic views of the lake – and especially the pyramid-shaped Niesen – are incredibly beautiful.


If you are looking for a natural swimming spot in a small lake with warm water and a family-friendly atmosphere, Burgseeli is the place for you. This small lake is fed by underground springs and has a temperature of around 25°C in summer. It has a sandy beach, a grassy lawn, a playground, and a restaurant. You can also rent pedalos, rowboats, or stand-up paddles to explore the lake. The entrance fee is 7 CHF for adults and 3 CHF for children.

Swimming & Floating in the Aare

For an unforgettable adventure, you can join the locals in swimming and floating in the Aare river. This is a popular activity in summer, when the water is warm and clear. You can start your float from one of Interlaken’s downtown bridges (Beaurivage- , Aare- or Goldey bridge) and float / swim straight into the old town. Put your swimsuit on, pack your clothes and valuables in a waterproof dry bag and then jump in the Aare at the spot you choose. Be careful, though. River swimmers should definitely allow their body to adjust to the water’s somewhat cool temperature before starting their float by wetting themselves first. Then, you can let yourself drift along, enjoying the views of the city and the nature. Super fun and a super Swiss favourite in summer. More info on Aare floating here.

The Beach – Strandbad Bönigen

For a beach vibe in the Alps, head to Strandbad Bönigen, also known as The Beach. This is a beach club that offers a sandy beach, a grassy lawn, a playground, and a snack bar plus a 25-meter outdoor pool and kiddy pool right next to the lake. You can rent sun loungers, umbrellas, pedalos, canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddles. The entrance fee is 5.50 CHF for adults and 3 CHF for children. Hightide kayaking is operating from there too so if you feel like going on a kayak adventure this place is perfect.

Sunset Swim in the Lake

One of the most romantic and scenic ways to end a perfect day in the Alps is to watch the sunset from the lake. There is a spot near Neuhaus named Sunset Grill & Chill that is ideal for this. At this stunning peninsula you can dive into the lake, swim around, and enjoy the view of the mountains turning pink and purple as the sun goes down while having a bbq (only place in the Neuhaus area where this is allowed). There are also free toilets and barbecue facilities nearby, so you can make it a picnic evening with your friends or loved ones. Use our Sunset Grill & Chill service to have a fun & hassle-free sunset bbq at the lake there.

Wild Beach Bönigen

If you are looking for a secluded and wild spot to swim in Lake Brienz, you can try the wild beach Bönigen. This is an unofficial bathing site that is not marked or maintained by anyone right next to where the Lütschine river enters the lake. It is located near the end of Lütschinenstrasse, just a few minutes walk from the The Beach Bönigen, where you can park your car or bike and walk down to the shore. There you will find a sandy & pebbly beach with clear water and stunning views of the mountains. Be aware that there are no facilities or lifeguards here, so swim at your own risk. Great spot for a lakeside fondue with the fondue backpack too….

Sunrise Swim in the Lake

If you are an early bird and want to experience the magic of the morning light on the lake, you can go for a sunrise swim in Lake Brienz or go for our adventurous mountain top breakfast & sunrise hike.
The best is a spot for sunrise dipping is near Iseltwald which is a short ride away from Interlaken. You can walk along the grassy shore there and find yourself a good spot to jump into the water. Be aware that the water temperature is cold, so bring enough warm clothes to warm up after. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sun rising over the lake and the mountains from the East.

New Year’s Dip & Dive

If you are feeling adventurous and want to start the new year with a splash, you can join the annual New Year’s Dip & Dive event in Interlaken. This is a tradition to start the new year fresh & fine with a nice winter dip into the lake of Thun on January 1st at noon/ 12pm. Hundreds of people gather every year at Thun’s ‘Kiferinseli’, a peninsula next to Neuhaus, to take part in this fun and festive event where they dip in the water, have a glass of champagne to cheers to the new year and eat hot soup to warm up afterwards.

The party does not stop there as on January 1st Interlaken is home to the annual ‘Touch the Mountains’ new year’s music festival. This free music festival draws in 30.000 people each year to have a great start of the new year.

Bödeli Bad, public swimming pool

The Bödeli bad is Interlaken’s downtown public swimming pool. It has a big outdoor pool with diving tower and some smaller kiddo pools. The big grassy area makes for a relaxing spot and the indoor pool is a great alternative when there is bad weather on the horizon. The pool is located behind the Casino Kursaal and just a few minutes walk away from the central Höhematte park.

Bödeli Bad, public swimming pool Freiluft-und-Hallenbad-Bödeli-swimmen-interlaken

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