The Harder Kulm is Interlaken’s prime magical viewpoint which provides you with an unmatched 360 degree panorama of the emerald blue lakes of Thun & Brienz, the snowcapped Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, the Swiss Pyramid in the West and the stunning Niederhorn and Hohgant mountains in the back. It just wow’s you away. During the day it always gets crowded and busy as the ‘Harderbahn’ funiculaire provides easy and quick access to this Top of Interlaken. To avoid this, and make the Harder Kulm a super special experience we recommend the Harder Kulm & Interlaken sunrise hike with coffee, tea & breakfast with an unforgettable view on the top. The mountain and the view are all yours and you will have earned the views and the breakfast.

Interlaken Sunrise Hike & Breakfast picnic on the top of Interlaken

The harder kulm sunrise hike is an amazing Interlaken activity providing you with a unique bird’s eye view of Interlaken and its stunning mountain scenery during its golden hour when the sun peaks its radiant golden head above the mountains in the East. You will have to get up earlier than you are used to but the reward will be a magnificent view of Switzerland’s best mountains in a golden glow. Add to that the bonus reward of hiking a mountain while star gazing the sky and this really becomes a glittering & sparkling one-of-a-kind Interlaken adventure activity.

Starting time, duration & return

The Harder Kulm sunrise hike & mountain top breakfast works as follows:

Time & Dates:
The sunrise hike takes place EVERY SATURDAY starting May 13th and running until the end of September.

4:00am Meeting at the bottom of the Harder Kulm funiculaire station. Here you will get a headlight/head torch plus a general & safety briefing for the hike up.
4:00 – 5:30am hiking up with multiple stops for star-gazing and motivational snack. There is a water refilling point halfway.
5:30am arrival at the Top of Interlaken.
5:30 – 6:00am Have Coffee & Tea while enjoying the mesmerizing golden light view of the Swiss Alps while we prepare your champagne breakfast.
6:00 – 7:00am Champagne breakfast on the Top of Interlaken. Cheers a glass of Prosecco with your fellow hikers on a successful climb to the top and enjoy a delicious continental picnic breakfast.
7:30 – 8:30am For the fit and energetic once we hike down. Alternatively you can opt to wait for the first train down at 8:30am.

Fitness Requirements

To participate in the Interlaken sunrise hike a moderate fitness is required. We will be walking a 4km (2.5mile) trail with a vertical ascent of 750 meters (half a mile) in a moon and starlit scenery. To achieve this in about 1.5 hours you need to be able to walk uphill for this amount of time with a few small breaks in between.

The hike is ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Our goal is to keep the group together but if you are completely unfit and can’t keep up with the group there is a chance you end up behind the group. This is in itself no problem as you can easily follow the well sign posted trail to the top but we can’t wait forever for unfit slow people. At the top of course you can rejoin the group for the sunrise and champagne breakfast picnic after you complete the hike at your own pace.

Price & Reservations

The harder kulm sunrise hike & mountain top picnic breakfast costs 89 CHF per person. This includes a hiking guide, a headlight per person, a starlit sky, supreme sunrise views and a champagne picnic breakfast right on the top of Interlaken.

For reservations sends us an email at with your desired date and number of people. The Interlaken sunrise hike will take place with a minimum of 4 participants. In case of few sign-ups we will inform you of the cancellation latest the day before at 8pm.

What to bring

We recommend you to bring the following items:

  • Water. Bring at least half a litre of water. There is a refilling point halfway up and the fresh mountain water there will give you a great boost for the second half of the hike.
  • Snacks. You might get hungry on the way up so some power bars, snickers, trail mix or other snack are great. We might throw in some surprise snacks on the way up too but dont count on them =)
  • Extra dry T-shit/long sleeve shirt/thermals. When you reach the top you will be sweaty and changing into a dry shirt and or thermals will be necessary to stay warm while watching the sun rise and having breakfast.
  • Warm sweater & jacket. These extra layers will serve you well as the weather at the top is always colder and windier than you expect.
  • Beanie. A beanie is always a good idea for extra warmth. Did you know 80% of your body heat leaves your body from the head. A beanie (or hoodie sweater) therefore is a great thing to add to your hiking pack given the fact we will spend some time at the top for the picnic breakfast and sunrise gazing .
  • Good vibes. The best vitamins on any day. If you forget to pack them don’t worry cause we will be giving plenty of them to you!!

…and maybe have a sunset Grill & Chill too

Additionally to the great sunrise hike you could finish your Interlaken adventurous day with a sunset grill & chill at the lake of Thun. Get your hands on a grill & chill package and enjoy a stunning bbq at the lake at sunset. Read all about it here.