Legend has it that those who dip their body on New Year’s day into a cold lake or sea set themselves up for a highly successful and inspiring new year. To get the best start of and most out of 2023 we therefore invite you to join us at the Interlaken New Year’s Dip & Dive on January 1st at the lake of Thun.

Interlaken New Year’s Dip & Dive

The tradition to dive into the freezing sea or a cold lake is known around the world as the New Year’s dive in English, ‘Nieuwjaarsduik‘ in Dutch or ‘Einen guten Wasser-Rutsch ins neue Jahr‘ in German. To keep up with this refreshing global tradition you can now join Interlaken’s first New Year’s dip & dive!

Join the Interlaken New Year’s Dip & Dive on Sunday 1st of January 2023, together with family and friends! We celebrate this fun (Dutch) tradition at the beautiful lake of Thun on the Kiferinseli. Dip into the refreshing lake for a fresh start of the New Year and experience a winterlaken wonderland with a group of adventurous people.

Program, Location & What to bring…

Program Interlaken New Year’s Dip & Dive January 1st, 2023
11:30 Gathering & Preparation at the shores of Lake Thun
12:00 New Year’s Dip & Dive
12:15 Delicious Dutch Pea Soup, Campfire, Toast into the New Year & Warm-up dancing

Optional follow-up program
14:00 Touch the mountains festival, the annual 1st of January free music festival with 30.000 people in the centre of Interlaken.

Lake Thun, Kifferinseli (park at Neuhaus, 3 min walk from there)
Find a detailed map with the location below

How to Join?
The New Year’s Dive is free and open to everybody! Leave a comment if you will be joining so we know how much Pea Soup we have to make 😉

What to bring?
Bring your friends, your own mug for the delicious soup, something to drink to toast on an amazing 2023, and of course a colourful BEANIE to keep your head warm in the refreshing water. A towel, warm clothes, thermos of tea to share and flip flops/slippers are recommended as well.

Other optional, but highly recommended things to bring are your favourite inflatables, bathducks, Badeenten, Badeendjes & floating toys. Obviously the more colourful & plentiful the better!

Disclaimer & side notes
This event is just for fun, free of charge and participation is at your own responsibility. By joining us you agree to do it responsibly, out of free will and, we the intiators, are by no means liable.

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