Interlaken’s first New Year’s Dip & Dive was a great success with over 50 people joining in a refreshing dip in the lake of Thun for a fresh start into 2023. Stunningly warm & sunny weather made the water temperature of a mere 6 degrees Celsius bearable and almost enjoyable. Touching the lake before visiting the ‘touch the mountains’ music festival was the perfect start of a fresh and happy new year!

Interlaken New Year’s Dip & Dive 2023

On the warmest 1st of January ever Interlaken celebrated it first ever New Year’s Dip & Dive. What felt like a spring day in April or May actually was the first day of 2023. Dozens of people showed up to celebrate the start of the New Year with a refreshing dip in the lake of Thun making Interlaken’s first ever New Year’s dip & dive 2023 a grant success.

Click the images below to enlarge and see them in their full glory….

The Warmup, Dip & Soup videos

The moving proof of our heroes dipping in the lake on new year’s day can be found below. Get inspired by the warm-up and many screams followed after touching the 6 degree Celsius lake. The many laughs, good vibes and hot soup afterwards (together with the Schnapps & Champagne) made up for all the cold water ‘suffering’ more than enough.

The Warm-Up
The Dip & Dive & Scream
The Hot Soup Treat

The dip & dive was followed by some dancing around a fire, hot pea soup and some celebratory toasts for the New Year. All in all a great turn up, super weather and some very active winter swimmers turned the first ever Swiss edition of the highly popular ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ or New Year’s Dive into a fantastic event that is sure to see a comeback in 2024!

Winter ‘See Springe’

This refreshing Swiss winter swimming tradition in the making immediately evoked a lot of ‘See Springe’ emotions and associations within the local Swiss community. The popular Swiss band Hecht made ‘See Springe’ (lake jumping) a summer hype a few years ago…but the song is equally fitting for some fun winter swimming. With its catchy tune and good vibes it made for the best and a very enjoyable New Year’s Dip & Dive soundtrack….

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