Interlaken, aptly named Winterlaken during the snowy winter days, has a brand new attraction with its Christmas tree labyrinth. The maze, completely built by discarded and used Christmas trees, is located right in the centre of town on the Höhematte. Explore this fun maze, get lost and mesmerized while discovering fun and surprising Swiss objects. Can you find the exit?

Christmas Tree Labyrinth 2023

A labyrinth made of Christmas trees sounds like something out of a Christmas movie. In Interlaken however it is customary and it makes for a fun new adventure in the adventure capital of the world. The Labyrinth is free to explore and along the way you will discover Swiss objects like a giant fondue caquelon (official word for a fondue pot) and, logically, loads of Christmas trees. The trees were all donated to the maze by the residents of Interlaken and its surroundings, giving their trees a second life.

The Christmas tree Labyringht is open daily until from the 13th of January until the 19th of February 2023. The labyrinth opens every day from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm at the northwestern end of the Höhematte. In the treelined maze you will encounter various blind alleys, dead-end, figures, objects and other surprises. A fun experience for everyone.

So how big is the labyrinth I hear you ask?

Well don’t check the picture below if you want to keep the surprise factor before visiting this maze

We can tell you over 1000 trees have been used

and the total length of the maze is around 230 meters

So how big do you think it really is?

just have a look below

Winterlaken Christmas Tree labyrinth maze adventure aerial view (vest)

Christmas tree labyrinth by night

The maze can be explored by night too when led-lights make it a fairytale like setting. Check-out our night time visit to the winterlaken labyrinth here.

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