Sledding Interlaken is one of those winter fun activities that is easy and fun for everyone. Even if you have never sat on a sledge it takes only minimum practise to smoothly steer your sledge down a Swiss mountain. To help you kickstart your daytime sledding mission, fondue backpack sledding adventure or your night sledding activity have a look at our sledding instruction video ‘how to smoothly steer your sledge’.

How to smoothly steer your sledge

Smoothly steering your sled through on a snowy track involves mainly positioning your feet correctly. Add a bit of leaning and weight shifting and you quickly become a master downhill sledder. Braking and quickly stopping your sled involves a ‘stand-up’ movement while pulling your sled upwards. Have a look at the video below and you will quickly realise anyone can master this fun activity within a few tries. It is for that reason that you see kids from the age of 8 all over Interlaken zipping down Interlaken & Jungfrau’s almost 100km of sledding tracks all the time.

If you are keen to sign up for a night sledding adventure check-out our departure times and reservation options here.

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