We play golf, but more adventurously! With a golf club of your choice we hit unlikely & imaginary holes for fun. We strive below par but often get to far. Our adventurous golf is for the stories, memories and friendships and we swing for good times. Will you join us?

What is Adventure Golf?

Adventure golf is the umbrella term for all novel variations of the great game of golf. Any golf version that is not traditional & classical golf can be called adventure golf. Other names often used for the more unusual but exceedingly fun version of golf are urban golf, X-golf, cross golf, off golf, odd golf, street golf city golf or just crazy golf. These are just a few of the funky names that people are calling this novel and quickly growing form of experiencing golf. Play a great game in an urban city setting or on the rural countryside where buildings, constructions, structures and natural objects form the holes. By using soft foam balls with a weight of only 14grams damage can not be done and fun is guaranteed. With this mindset any location can become a golf course and a tee-off can be initiated anywhere.

Adventure Golf Interlaken

Golf but more adventurous, that’s what we like here at Adventure Interlaken. For that reason we have gone a bit creative and created a few different adventure golf courses, games and routes combining a wide range of different golf disciplines! Ranging form urban golf through Interlaken, crazy golf at the side of the lakes, crolf around town, games of pop-up golf in local parks or play our marvellous course at the deserted airfield (Flugplatz) in Interlaken. Imagine teeing off from airplane hangars and hitting surprising holes amond miles of airfield tarmac!

At adventure golf Interlaken you can play with wide range of different golf clubs: normal golf clubs, croquette clubs or our wooden-shoe shaped clog clubs!

Become a member of our adventure golf club in Interlaken and let’s make golf great and goofy again!

Adventure Golf Interlaken logo (orange)

Urban xGolf Routes Interlaken

We have designed multiple urban golf courses and routes in and around Interlaken ranging from a city centre course, a river & lakeside course and a deserted airport golf course. Find the details below:

Interlaken city urban walk’n’golf loop

A 6km and 10 hole urban walk’n’golf course around Interlaken. Start and finish point are at the adventure hostel Interlaken where you can pick-up golf clubs & special urban golf balls plus play some practise holes.

Airport CrossGolf Course

In Interlaken there is a huge deserted former military airport and landing strip (Flugplatz Interlaken). It is a public accessible area that serves as a giant park and makes for an excellent and unique urban golf course. You literally cross the entire airfield playing multiple varied urban golf holes. Tee off from an airplane hangar and play among others our carefully designed longest golf hole in the world with a length of 2 kilometre as a bonus hole!


Interlaken to Bönigen waterfront xGolf route

A lovely succession of 10 golf holes following the Aare river and lake of Brienz shoreline that leads you from Interlaken to Bönigen. This 5km hike-and-golf course is super scenic and finishes on a wild sandy beach in Bönigen!


The Ultimate Interlaken 18

An eighteen hole course combining the best of all of the above routes. There are waterfront beach holes interchanged with airplane hangar tee-offs and forest fields with loads of variation in between. This 7km xGolf course crosses