“Fondue Villa’s Swiss cheese fondue fries are Switzerland’s brand new food tradition in the making. With their creamy fondue cheese covering crispy fries they up the game and clearly beat Canadian Poutine cheese fries and the Dutch Kapsalon fries “

A wise man with great taste!

Swiss Cheese Fondue Fries

A typical Swiss dish, an adventurous eat and a satisfying & hearty snack are the Swiss cheese fondue fries. Invented by the Fondue Villa & Garden Interlaken this dish has found an excellent balance between crispy, cheesy and saucy. When you order a portion of Swiss cheese fondue fries you get a big portion of crispy French Fries topped with fondue cheese, bacon, pickles and crispy, pickled & freeze dried onions. The combination of ingredients is a fantastic mix between crispy, fresh & cheesy.

Swiss Loaded Fries

The Swiss cheese fondue fries are Switzerland’s version of loaded fries with delicious fondue cheese as the defining element. Who doesn’t like crispy fries topped with cheese, bacon and a mix of onions.

So when you come to Switzerland load your fries with fondue cheese, bacon and crispy onions

Swiss Poutine or Poutine Suisse

Canadians will be delighted to hear that there is the option to add gravy to the fondue fries turning it into a unique Swiss poutine or Poutine Swiss as the French speaking Canadians would say.

Swiss Kapsalon

The Dutch Kapsalon resembles the Swiss Cheese Fondue Fries even more than the Canadian Poutine as the following description shows…

Kapsalon is a highly popular Dutch dish made up of crispy French fries topped & loaded with doner or shawarma meat, melted Gouda cheese and layers of lettuce, sambal and garlic sauce. This heavenly dish is somewhat of the Dutch version of shawarma loaded fries. Kapsalon was invented in 2003, when a Dutch barber got tired of eating the same meal from a shawarma joint nearby. So he decided to give it a twist and ordered a combination of his favorites thereby resulting in this assembly. The word Kapsalon means “Hairdressing salon” and since it was first invented by the barber Nathaniël Gomes, people started calling it Kapsalon and with time the name was widely popularized.

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