When in Switzerland do like the Swiss and eat lots of cheese and fondue!

– Adventure Duckie & his friends –

When you visit Switzerland you have to try their quintessential food: a traditional Swiss cheese fondue. For the cheesy dish with a hilarious & controversial history there is no better place to go than the Interlaken Fondue Villa & Garden.

Set in a 1901 Villa with a lush garden on the side you can’t go wrong with this restaurant that serves fondue only. Traditional Swiss cheese fondue, creamy vegan almond fondue, chocolate fondue and even ice cream fondue. Try multiple flavours at once with their double and triple caquelon while choosing from the like of green pesto, yellow curry, garlic, spicy, tomato, lemon, wasabi,….and many other fondue flavours.

Where the standard Swiss restaurant just gives you bread on the side the fondue villa overflows you with complementary side-dishes to dip into the yummy cheese: bread, potatoes, pickles, pickled onions, bell peppers & pineapple. These sweet, savoury and sour flavoured sides make for a great tasting experience.

Find out more about the fondue villa & garden in Interlaken on their website https://fonduevilla.com/ or find them directly on the google map below.