Fondue is just heaps of fun to do. Making your own fondue from scratch while learning about the history of this Swiss national dish, dressing up like a Swiss cheese chef, sipping & tasting wine, playing fondue games, creating a fondue pizza and learning many fun cheesy cooking tricks is even more fun. Fondue Villa’s ‘Take it Cheesy’ Fondue cooking class & cheese workshop gives you all of that and more. Dip, dunk & dive into the ultimate Swiss cheese fondue experience at the Fondue Villa & Garden.

Take it cheesy – Fondue Cooking Class & Cheese Workshop

At the Interlaken Fondue Villa & Garden you are invited to join a cheese fondue cooking class that will take you on a journey of discovery and indulgence through the wonderfully cheesy world of Switzerland’s national dish. After dressing up like a Swiss cheese chef you will learn about the origins and secrets of cheese and fondue, while sampling some of the finest cheeses and wines that go well with them. While sipping wine and tasting cheese you’ll enjoy the scenic views of our garden and mountains. After that you will get hands-on experience in making your own cheese fondue from scratch while also learning how to make our legendary fondue pizza, and other cheesy dishes that will make your mouth water. 🧀

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After feasting on your creations, you’ll have the chance to compete in our fondue garden games and cheese olympics. Challenge your new friends to a game of Fondue Frisbee, Caquelon Kraft/Fondue Power Pot, Fondue Fork Darts or Caquelon Stump. 🎯

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ultimate cheese adventure at Fondue Villa. Book your spot today and get ready for a cheesy good time! 😊

Find all practical information about this cheesiest cooking class directly here at the fondue villa.

Fondue is Fun to Do

Getting Cheesy is fun and fondue is fun to do. Let the pics below do all the explaining about those cheesy good vibes always present at the Fondue Villa ‘Take it Cheesy Fondue Cooking Class’….