First mountain is a fabulous getaway destination to visit when you are in Interlaken or the Jungfrau area. It is a mountain that has a wide diversity of activities and excursions on offer. From thrilling zip lines like the First flyer and glider, a stunning cliff walk glued towards a rock face, a gorgeous high alpine lake called bachalpsee (which you should go swimming in if you dare), an very wow viewing platform and fanstastic mountain carts and trottibikes that let you descent back into Interlaken in a spectacular way.

Fabulous First Mountain in Grindelwald

First mountain high above Grindelwald is a fabulous action packed place with lots of things to do and stunning views. You will feel you can touch the towering peaks of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Eiger while up there and you will see Grindelwald far away in the distance.

The many fun and thrilling activities and excursions up there are great for families or groups of friends. Do the cliff walk, descent by exciting First flyer or glider – a giant like zip line – and then continue descending all the way back down to Grindelwald by mountain carts and trotti bikes (xxl scooters).

First mountain cliff walk is just a stunner have a look below how the adventure ducksters are comopletely in awe of this amazing sight….

Don’t forget to take the 45 minute walk to the high-alpine Bachalpsee though, as this stunning blue lake has gorgeous reflections with the snowcapped mountains in the background. We wrote about the amazing Bachalpsee before here.

Grindelwald First’s Bollywood Film Fame

Very few people know First actually got famous in the world and India due to the appearance in a bollywood film classic called Sangam all the way back in the sixties. In 1964, the film Sangam gave Indian cinema-goers a taste for high-atltitude romance amidst snow-covered Alpine peaks when Sangam, which iconic scenes got filmed on the First mountain in Grindewald. Sangam captured the imagination of the Indian people and put Switzerland firmly on the map as a scenic location to visit or spent their holidays in similar fashion to how the recent Netflix hit series ‘Crash Landing on You‘ resparked an interest in the First mountain and Iseltwald.

In Sangam, Sundar and Radha are Indian newly-weds that are on their honeymoon in Interlaken, Switzerland. It is Raha’s birthday and they are staying in the five-star Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage in Interlaken. On the balcony he announes a surprise present and Sundar takes his wife for a meal on a stunning Swiss mountain, which is First.

Other locations that are featured in the first ever Bollywood film to having been shot in Switzerland are the First cable car station in Grindelwald which old entrance still looks quite similar to the version in the movie, the Bort middle station and the Berghaus Bort hotel and restaurant where the three main characters in the movie have an awkward meeting.   

Bollywood movies shot in Switzerland

Ever since that epic bollywood movie got shot in Switzerland a trend got started and more and more bollywood films filmed (part of) their stories in Switzerland with the Jungfrau region making regular appearances. This is one of the reason the region is now so popular with Indians for their holidays.

Check out our bollywood adventure film section for more info about which films got shot in the area.

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