The Matterhorn is unofficially the most beautiful mountain in the world. Some claim that the lesser known Icelandic mountain Kirkjufell is at least equally beautiful. Or that the Canadian Mt. Assiniboine – often rightfully referred to as Canada’s Matterhorn – is like a twin triangular brother of that epic Zermatt peak. And then there is mount Kailash, that triangular holy mountain in a faraway inaccessible corner of Tibet that also has a striking resemblance with the Matterhorn. However, the ducksters found another Matterhorn lookalike – which coincidentally also resembles a peak from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie – hidden a few hours hiking away from Interlaken and they named it Ducksters Galaxy Peak!

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Interlaken’s secret Matterhorn lookalike

Hiking somewhere high above Interlaken and its emerald blue lakes the Ducksters really enjoyed being in the middle of nowhere surround by just mountain peaks friendly and sometimes rowdy & curious cows and a whole lot of grassy high alpine rocks. While roaming around and looking for a mountain stream to bath in the ducksters suddenly set their sight on an amazing mountain peak. “Wow this thing is unreal” surf said. “It is pointy and bendy at the same time. wow-da-wowsers. So impressive, beautiful and elegant at the same time with its curvy interior lines.”

The triangular shaped mountain also reminded them immediately of the Matterhorn, that most famous and most photographed mountain in the world with 100 million pictures annually being take of it in Zermatt.

Guardians of the Galaxy mountain peak

“But wait” pirate duckster said, “I have seen this shape of a mountain also in a movie not so long ago, maybe it comes straight out of another galaxy.” Looking and searching on the internet he found it. This is a mountain that could have come straight out of a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie or planet Ego and its impressive building.

Kirkjufell, Kailash & Assiniboine

The naive ducksters didn’t realise there are a few other mountains that resemble a pure triangle shape. There is Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland that got featured in the Games of Thrones Netflix hit series, Mount Kailash which is Tibetan holy mountain hidden in a faraway corner of the Himalaya and Mt. Assiniboine, that lesserknown but oh so beautiful mountain in the North of Canada. The latter is, although an absolute stunner, most likely not as well known due to its remote nature and long traveling time from any place. There is basically just one lodge, campsite and cabin available.

As these moutains are all so similar and so beautiful at the same time the question immediately arises: What is the most beautiful mountain in the world?

Beautiful similarities between the Matterhorn, Kirkjufell, Kailash & Assiniboine

And indeed the mountain the adventurous rubber ducksters discovered just a few hours hike away from Interlaken is a stunner that does resemble a whole bunch of these famous triangular peaks and could qualify as the most beautiful mountain in the world. It is actually the spikiest mountain of them all and in that way truly unique. They quickly realised that no one had ever mentioned this mountain peak to them and it was only known to local farmers. “Well if we kind of discovered it we should give it a name” pirate duckster said. “How about just ‘duckster peak’ surf exclaimed! Discovered and adored by ducksters around the world it should have our name, just like the mountaineers of the past named mountain peaks after themselves”. And so it happened that the steepest and pointiest Matterhorn mountain, that resembles that crazy building in the guardian of the galaxy move too, became known as the Adventure Duckster Galaxy Peak!

But where is Duckster Galaxy Peak!?

“I don’t think we should tell anyone where this amazing spiky peak is” surf said to super hero duckling. “yes yes, lets keep it quiet and prevent this place from getting crowded” she agreed. “Maybe only when they really insist, complete our treasure hunt and then ask where it is located we could give them some clues…”

And so it remained a secret peak hidden in a valley not too far from Interlaken …..

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