Crash Landing on You (CLOY), the monster Korean Netflix hit series, tells the story of a South Korean heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea due to a paragliding mishap and falls in love with a North Korean army officer. The series – like many other famous Hollywood & Bollywood movies & films before – features many beautiful and scenic locations in Switzerland, especially in the Interlaken and Jungfrau region. Here is the ultimate list of all Swiss Crash Landing on You film locations, how to get there and why they are worth visiting for Netflix fans!

Swiss Crash Landing on You Film Locations

Being a Korean TV Netflix series it seems odd that a lot of it got filmed in Interlaken Switzerland. However if you consider that the story revolves around a paragliding mishap and add the fact that interlaken is the paragliding capital of the world it all suddenly makes sense. Find out below which epic (paragliding) film locations were used for this best watched non-English show on Netflix ever….

Iseltwald Village & Pier CLOY

This is a charming village on the shore of Lake Brienz, where the protagonists walk along the pedestrian area of Schorren, with Seeburg Castle in the background. This location appears four times in CLOY and is a great place to enjoy the lake view and the peaceful atmosphere. The Iseltwald pier is the most iconic film location of the entire series and it has gotten so popular with mainly Korean tourists that the local public transportation company had to add more buses to the schedule to cater for this demand. A 5chf entry fee has been enforced to somehow curtail the visits a little bit. Take bus number 103 from the Interlaken West or East (Ost) station to get there in around 25 minutes.

Grindelwald-First in Crash Landing on You

This is an adventure mountain that offers exciting activities such as zip-lining, cliff walking, and flying fox. This location appears in CLOY when the protagonists take the cable car to First and enjoy the panoramic view of the Alps.

Eiger Glacier CLOY film location

This is a station on the way to Jungfraujoch, where the protagonists get off the train and walk on the snow. This location offers a stunning view of the Eiger North Face, which is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland.

Kleine Scheidegg

This is a mountain pass where two cogwheel railways meet, connecting Grindelwald, Wengen, and Jungfraujoch. This location appears in CLOY when the protagonists have a festive reception with music and dancing. It is also a popular hiking spot with many trails to explore2.


This is the highest railway station in Europe, also known as the Top of Europe. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. This location appears in CLOY when the protagonists visit the Sphinx Terrace, the Ice Palace, and the Plateau. It is a must-see attraction for anyone who wants to experience the world of ice and snow.

Sigriswil suspension bridge

This is a 340-meter long suspension bridge that connects the two villages of Sigriswil and Aeschlen. It offers breathtaking views of Lake Thun and the majestic Swiss Alps. This bridge appears in CLOY when Se-ri wants to end her life by jumping off it, but Jeong-hyeok stops her and asks her to take a picture of him and Seo Dan.

Victoria Jungfrau hotel Interlaken

This is a luxurious five-star hotel in Interlaken, where Se-ri stays during her visit to Switzerland. It has a beautiful garden, a spa, and a grand ballroom. This hotel appears in CLOY when Se-ri meets Alberto Gu, a mysterious businessman who helps her escape from the villains.

Lake Lungern

This is a turquoise lake in the canton of Obwalden, surrounded by green hills and forests. It is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and camping. This lake appears in CLOY when Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok have a picnic on a boat and share their feelings for each other.

Giessbach waterfall

This is a spectacular waterfall that plunges from a height of 500 meters into Lake Brienz. It can be reached by a funicular or a hiking trail. This waterfall appears in CLOY when Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok take a walk along the shore and enjoy the scenery. The lake-side walk from Iseltwald to the Giessbach waterfall is a stunning way to combine visiting both crash landing on you film locations.

These are some more film locations of CLOY in Switzerland that you can visit and relive the romantic scenes from the series. They are also amazing places to admire the natural beauty and culture of Switzerland. I hope you enjoyed this information and have a wonderful day!

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