In Interlaken’s vicinity a cheeselovers’ dream attraction is hiding deep in a cave under the Swiss Alps: the Cheese Cathedral. This heavenly cheesy place is home to thousands of cheese wheels all stored at the perfect stable temperature of around 15 degrees celcius. With cheeses left, right, above and behind you the cheese cave easily resembles a cheese cathedral with an impressive array of local mountain & Alp cheeses as its altar.

Visit the cheese cathedral & taste local cheese (fondue)

Tours to visit the cheese cave & cathedral will be happening in the summer of 2024. You will learn about the local Swiss mountain & alp cheeses, the reason the cheese cathedral is indispensable in creating Swiss cheese plus you get to taste a range of local cheeses while having a deliciously paired drink.

The price for this tour will be 33 CHF per person for a 1 hour tour plus cheese tasting & a drink included.

If you are interested in this cheesy cathedral tour please send us an email at

Direct bookings available soon on this website.

More info about the cheese cave cathedral can be found here too.

Cheese cave cathedral Interlaken fondue villa garden Switzerland 1.jpg