Asterix and Obelix are two brave Gaulish warriors who live in a small village that resists the Roman occupation with the help of a magic potion that gives them super strength. In one of their adventures – Asterix in Switzerland – they travel to Switzerland to find a rare flower called the Silver Star Edelweiss. It is the only ingredient that can cure their friend Getafix, the druid who makes the magic potion, from a poison he accidentally ingested. Along the way they encounter many adventures and Asterix & Obelix go sledding in Switzerland.

Searching Edelweiss flowers in Switzerland

The Silver Star Edelweiss is also known as the glacier star or the wool flower, and it grows only in the high and rocky areas of the Alps. It is a small white flower with five petals and a yellow center, and it has soft and furry leaves that protect it from the cold and the sun. The Edelweiss flower is a symbol of nobility, bravery, and true love in many cultures. To find the Edelweiss flower, Asterix and Obelix have to climb snowy mountains with the help of some friendly Swiss people, who are famous for their cheese, chocolate, and neutrality. They also have to face some obstacles, such as Roman soldiers, avalanches, and wild animals. Along the way, they discover some of the traditions and customs of Switzerland, such as yodeling, the national dish cheese fondue, and watchmaking and Asterix & Obelix go sledding in Switzerland….

Asterix & Obelix go Sledding in Switzerland

One of the most exciting scenes in the book is when Asterix and Obelix go sledding down a steep slope on the back of Obelix. Obelix is so big and strong that he can carry Asterix on his shoulders and use his shield as a sled. They slide down at a very high speed, dodging trees, rocks, and Romans. They also cause a huge snowball to roll down behind them, which eventually crashes into a Roman camp.

Asterix and Obelix manage to find the Edelweiss flower and bring it back to Getafix, who uses it to make an antidote for his poison. The antidote works perfectly, and Getafix recovers his health and his ability to make the magic potion. The book ends with a typical banquet in the Gaulish village, where everyone celebrates their victory over the Romans and their friendship with the Swiss.

Asterix in Switzerland is one of the most popular and humorous books in the Asterix series. It was written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo in 1970. It is the sixteenth volume in the series, and it has been translated into many languages.

The book is full of references to Swiss culture and history, as well as jokes and puns about cheese, chocolate, banks, clocks, neutrality, and more. It also shows some of the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, such as lakes, forests, mountains, glaciers and of course the fabled Edelweiss flower. The book is a great example of how Asterix and Obelix combine adventure, comedy, and education in their stories.

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