Ping Pong is fun and our adventure ping pong is even more fun. With our adventure ping pong pack, our adventure ping pong map and our novel ping pong table designs much fun is guaranteed and you can have outdoor and indoor ping pong fun in the most surprising locations. Create a ping pong adventure anywhere with Adventure Interlaken’s Adventure Ping Pong Packages.

Adventure Ping Pong Tables

Our custom made adventure ping pong tables are unique table tennis table shapes that come in a range of different sizes. We have smaller mini tables for the space restricted ping pongers, round ping pong tables for a social experience, square ones to play in multiple directions plus there are the extra long or extra wide ones. Triple netting on a Tri-Pong table or four nets on a Quad-Pong table makes it even more original and fun.

Our adventure table tennis tables and pop-up ping pong setups are all located at the adventure hostel & fondue villa Interlaken. Come have a look and ping some adventurous pong.

If you want to rent a pop up ping pong table for your event, party or friday afternoon business bash send us an email to see if we can make it happen. (

Adventure Ping Pong Backpack

Our DIY adventure ping pong backpack lets you set up for a game of ping pong on any table in any location. The adjustable rolling net is easily mountable on any table size and lets you enjoy a game of outdoor or indoor ping pong on a picnic table, a living room table and even a beer garden table (Biertischgarnitur Ping Pong). With the added colourful line tape you can even draw your own temporary lines on any table for a colourful, fun and professional looking game of pop-up ping-pong!

Adventure Ping Pong Map

There are many free ping pong tables that are waiting for some exciting games in parks and on public places in the Interlaken region. We have documented the best ones on our Public Pop Up Ping Pong Map. Come get a set of ping pong paddles from us and go challenge someone for a game of ping pong on one of these fun table tennis tables.

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Fondue Ping Pong Pack

The ultimate Swiss ping pong experience combines the Popup Fondue Backpack and the Popup Ping Pong pack. Set up your own outdoor fondue experience on a picnic table on a mountain top, at the lake or in a grassy field with marvelous views and play ping pong on the same table around, over and across your caquelon.

Ping Pan Pong

Play ping pong on one of our adventurous table tennis tables using a frying pan as your paddle. Fun and feastie this novel form of table tennis will lead to a hilarious game with your friends.

Caquelon Ping Pong

Caquelon ping pong, also known as fondue ping pong, is rightfully named the Swiss ping pong challenge as it involves playing a game of table tennis using a heavy caquelon as the paddle. With the extra weight this game is definitely harder than a game of ping pan pong. Come challenge us at a ping pong game with heavy fondue pot paddles and enjoy a delicious fondue feast in the fondue villa Interlaken at the same time.

Ladle & Breadboard Pong

Make the game more fun and challenging by play ping pong with a wooden ladle or wooden breadboard.

XL & Colourful Ping Pong Balls

Make your game of adventure pingpong even more adventurous with our fluorescent or extra large ping pong balls. Play in the dark or play with XXL balls that have a different and surprising flying and spinning speed that will surely make you feel like a pingpong novice at first. A bit of practice will get you going and fun is guaranteed here.

Adventure Ping Pong Club

Our Adventure Ping Pong club’s goal is to unite all extreme ping pong fans, adventure ping pong people and pop up ping pong lovers to spread the ping pong gospel and promote this emerging new sport. Join us and become part of our bouncy ping pong movement. To become a founding member send us an email at