One of the more famous hiking trails in Europe the Eiger trail winds its way upwards from Grindelwald to Eigergletscher underneath the notorious Eiger’s North Face. This fantastic hike can be done both upwards and downwards depending on your preference. Either way great views are guaranteed and the omnipresent precipitous Eiger North Face cliffs above you make it a very impressive day hike.

Adventure Ducksters do the Eiger Trail

The Adventure Ducksters opted for the Eiger Trail hike from Alpiglen to Eiger Gletscher. This 700m vertical hike takes approximately 2h50min which includes breaks and plenty of picture moments. Its an alround amazing hike which starts in a grassy/forresty area and ends in a high alpine rocky scenery.

There are a few streams along the way where you can fill up your drinking bottle with crystal clear glacier water and if you are lucky plenty of cows to take the quintessential Swiss cow picture =)

The Eiger’s glaciers provide a steady stream of water coming down with several spectacular waterfalls along the way. The adventure ducksters, waterlovers by heart, enjoyed staring at and swimming in these refreshing waterfalls and streams.

The impressive Eiger trail snakes itself up from Alpiglen through switchbacks with alternating steeper and flatter inclinations. If you don’t feel uphill fit you can just as well opt, like most people do, to hike from the Eigergletsche (Eiger Glacier) cable car station or train station back towards Alpiglen or even Grindelwald. The latter would take around 5 hours and will need some more stamina and preparation.

The Eiger North Face remains one of the world’s most notorious mountains to climb for rock climbers and mountaineers as its rocky face is a vertical maze that needs to navigated while hanging on a cliff. Along the hiking trail you will find information panels showing some of the climbing routes that the top climbers of the world use to get to the top of this 3967m high iconic peak.

Adventure-Ducksters-Do-Eiger-Trail-Grindelwald-Interlaken-24 climbing route

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