The adventure duckster Hostel is the starting point of the infamous Duckster Treasure Hunts. Founded in 2022 the duckster hostel is increasingly popular and famous in the backpacking world.

The adventure duckster hostel is both comfy and stunning and it caters to rubber bath ducks, cuddly animals, teddy bears and other adventurous cuddly toys & stuffed animals that come for a Swiss visit. All fluffy folks & toy animal visitors are taken on many outdoor adventures by the ducksters themselves. Paragliding, hiking, swimming, skiing, cycling, climbing, rafting,…and many more adventures await for the adventure duckster guests.

Adventure Duckster Hostel & Treasure Hunt

The adventure duckster hostel in Interlaken is located in the Adventure Hostel Garden and, apart from being a temporary home for traveling rubber ducks & stuffed animals, it forms the start of the great Adventure Duckster Treasure hunts. Find the duckster hostel and you are bound to begin the adventure of a lifetime. For more info regarding the great treasure hunt have a look here.

Stay at the Adventure Duckster Hostel

You can let your favourite rubber duck, stuffed animal or cuddly toy stay at the adventure ducksters hostel in Interlaken. We will make sure it eats well, sleeps well and adventures well. Videos and pictures will be included to document this memorable stay in Switzerland. We can send your cuddly pet paragliding, hiking, climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, canyoning, kayaking, pedaloing, swimming, cliff jumping,… during the day and provide a Swiss traditional cheese fondue in the evening. Anything is possible, just let us know your request and we will make it happen.

Of course you can come together with your favourite bath duck or stuffed animal as well. You can stay at the adventure hostel and your traveling companion can stay at the duckster hostel.

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