The Aare is Switzerland’s river lifeline that makes up a central part in people’s life as a swimming & relaxing spot in summer or for some cold water winter swimming during the snowy & icy months. Aare Boating, swimming & floating on the river is so popular that on some weekend days the river literally gets filled with boats and other inflatables to the max. In 2012 there was even a world record set for Aare river rafting in Bern when a total of 1,268 people simultaneously drifted down the Aare river on rubber boats, from Kiesen to Eichholz.

Aare Boating & Rafting Record

Breaking a record is always fun but when doing it with 1268 people floating simultaneously along Switzerland’s longest river while having a party then its heaps of fun.

Have a look at the Aare floating & boating record. We definitely wished we could have joined.

For more about Switzerland’s affection and national hobby of Aare Swimming & floating read our previous article here.

Aare boating river rafting world record floating swimming Interlaken Bern

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